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Google Adds “Send to TV” Feature to its YouTube Capture App

Google extended a “Send to TV” feature to its YouTube Capture app for iPhones and iPad devices, except iPod Touches. The updated YouTube Capture app version 1.2.1 now offers better video streaming along with the capability of pairing your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) over a WiFi connection with your TV or gaming console to play videos and manage video controls (mute, unmute, delete etc.) right from the app. So you can now watch your YouTube videos stored in the library of your iPhone or iPad on a bigger screen like TV. Other users on the shared WiFi network can also join and line up their favorite videos for playback or delete the undesired ones. Users with slow WiFi connections need not bother as the updated YouTube Capture app offers fast video streaming to double your enjoyment.


 Highlights of iOS “Send to TV” feature:

  • Enables users to transfer their YouTube videos from their iPhone or iPad devices directly to their TVs or any gaming console like Roku, XBOX, and PS3 etc. for playback and controls
  • Enables users to record as well as upload their videos to YouTube right from the app
  • Supports only iPhone and iPad running iOS 5 or later version
  • Supports Google TV-powered devices
  • Enables users on the shared WiFi network to join and add video to a common playlist or control video playback etc.
  • Saves users from the hassles of transferring their YouTube videos from their notebooks or computers to their TVs

Download the updated version of your YouTube Capture app on your iPad or iPhone and start streaming videos fast on to your TV, PS3, or XBOX etc. Also have your family members or friends join you in watching your or their favorite series to double the fun. Should you face any problems while or after downloading the updated version, call us at +1-866-541-1792 and get an expert to help you.