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Google Adds “File Preview” to Google Drive

SkyDrive doesn’t have it and Google took advantage of it. This “it” is actually the “File Preview” feature which Google has added to Google Drive, its free cloud storage service. So users can now view thumbnails of their videos, PDF files or other miscellaneous Google docs and can open, edit, save, share, print, zoom in & out them right from there. Google has also added a few other useful options to make Google docs experience better for users. Have a look at them below.

Step 1: Log in to Google Drive

 When you login to your Google Drive account, this screen ideally comes up showing all your Google docs. 

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Step 2: Enable File Preview

Right click a file (any file) and a drop-down menu appear like this. Click “Preview” and a screen (2) like this comes up, appreciating that you finally noticed Google’s this feature. 


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V techsquad | Online Technical Support


On this screen, you can see all sorts of options to view thumbnails of all your Google docs simultaneously, the header of currently opened doc and what number is it in order (as you can see my document is 3rd out of 54), share, print, edit, zoom in & out etc.

 Step 3: Flip Through Files

No more going back and forward when looking for a document. Get what you want and get it easily right here, right now. Simply flip through your documents and edit or share them as desired. Use the right-left (forward/backward) angle button to open a next or previous file. 

Step 4: View Thumbnails of all Google Docs 

You can preview all your Google docs at once and open and/or edit, share them as desired. Click the View all button at the bottom left hand corner and a screen like this appears up.

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Step 5: Share a Document 

You can share a document right from the Preview mode without opening and editing it (if you don’t need to). Click the Share button in the bottom right hand corner and add contacts with whom you want to share this document. 

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Step 6: Print a Document

 This is as easy as sharing a document. Click the Printer icon in the extreme right hand corner of the window and another window opens up. Select the print properties and give a print command. That’s it and the print job should be done. 

Step 7: Exit Preview Mode 

To exit the Preview mode, simply click the (X) button at the top right hand corner of the window. 

Try this brand new Google “File Preview” feature now and share your experience with us. Should you face any problems, call us at +1-866-541-1792 and get an expert to help you.